The Power of Transparency

We are all broken and bruised and imperfect but trying our best every day to keep it all together. Serving our God. Nurturing our marriages. Raising our children. Honoring our parents. Maintaining our friendships. Loving our people. Mending our bodies and resting when possible. Working jobs. Furthering careers. Running households. Managing finances.


And yet, so often, we make it look so easy, don’t we? We work diligently to camouflage our messiness. Many times it seems easier to just hide the ugly reality rather than simply ask for help. So we quietly worry and silently struggle with situations rather than confess and acknowledge that we simply cannot do it all alone. We sit anxiously in silence not knowing the answers.

But the truth is that life isn’t always easy. In fact, I honestly can think of very little in my life right now that is easy. Looking to the world, things are busy and expensive and in short supply. Unavailable. Out of stock. Uncertain. No toilet paper. Reduced work force affecting grocery stores and fast food establishments. This world is growing more and more out of control. Personally, I am challenged and often disappointed by situation and by people. I also really get fatigued. My body gets tired, and my mind gets tired. At times, I feel overwhelmed and helpless. However, this is not always seen on the outside.

Most of us can and will admit that life is difficult, no matter how we make it look. We all need our friends and family, our VILLAGE. And we need to stop judging each other and dividing . We need to stop being critical of each other and replace it with understanding and patience – we are all on the same team. We need to show more love and care and protect each other as much as possible.

Throughout the years, I have known people with seemingly perfect lives, perfect parents, perfect kids, perfect dogs, and even perfect beautiful homes. They have the best jobs, and seem to never struggle a moment. And those individuals are certainly fortunate. At least so I have thought. Although, if we are honest, are any of us untouched by the problems of the world?