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When God Shows Up

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Just sitting here unable to sleep in these super early hours of the morning, reflecting on the happenings of the last month. Honestly, I don’t know about y’all, but for me, it’s been a lot. And as most of you know, with my autoimmune diseases, stress and fatigue are super toxic to my body and mind. My body seriously revolts in response to stress.

My personal encounters have included serious health issues with my dad. A long hospital stay for him, and I was not sure at times what his outcome was going to be. It was extremely stressful. Meanwhile, Brady came home to visit and unexpectedly took a baseball to his mouth which sent us back to the ER. Broken off front tooth. I would venture to say that event was harder on my mama heart than on him and his poor mouth.

Meanwhile, ongoing throughout all of this, loved ones DISAPPOINT us. Even friends break our hearts sometimes. We are walking thru DRAMA issues. BROKEN HEART issues. SIN ISSUES. I feel like the devil keeps striking harder and harder, especially when you are struggling just to get through the day. He seeks to add the most awful stressors possible at the worst possible times. This is his ugly, hateful mission. This is what he knows. And he comes in the worst ways, appearing in sheep’s clothing- so you may not even be able to see the TRUTH right before your eyes. He even speaks scripture. None of us are immune from Satan’s attacks. You know that so you must guard your heart and mind.

But yet, even when we are being wrangled to the deep and darkest places, God is still there! He hasn’t left us! And God shows BIG!

Friends, our GOD IS SO GOOD! He is ALL POWERFUL.

No matter what you are going through, and I mean this, and it can be extremely hard stuff, talk to your Father. He WANTS to hear YOUR words. Keep inviting Him into your heart and life. Keep Him present in your HOME. Keep Him ever present in your CHURCH. Read His Words so you will have better perspective. Reflect on His teachings for guidance. Look long and hard at His example and know that you do not have to attend every fight to which you are invited. Yes, read that again. I know firsthand that can be so hard at times. But keep gentleness in your heart, just like Jesus. There is nothing that God cannot do in His way and His time. There isn’t a church He can’t protect from evil. There isn’t a problem that He doesn’t have a solution for. There isn’t a broken heart He can’t heal. There isn’t a stress that He can’t soothe.

Do Not Give in to the Hard Crazy of this world. And don’t be shocked at where you meet the Hard Crazy. It may come from your biological family, your church family, even your closest “friends.” Hold onto Him, our Holy Father. One day this world will be gone and we will have eternal peace.


KEEP HIM with YOU, as you walk step by step by step through the thorns. Through the storms. Even when those situations puncture you sharply. Remember you are NOT ALONE. You do not have to have an answer to every problem. You don’t even have to meet every hateful thing thrown in your path. But do try to recognize the ugly lies and acknowledge SIN as SIN. When the lies you are fed don’t make sense, let GOD lead you. Call SIN what it is with clarity of heart and mind. CALL IT OUT!!

REMEMBER OUR GOD HATES SIN. Brace your heart for the fight. Guard your tongue. And remain FAITHFUL and GENTLE because our GOD IS SO GOOD, even in the darker most painful moments.


He has not abandoned you, don’t believe the lies. Just because you think it, doesn’t mean it’s real. Just because someone says it, doesn’t mean it’s true. The world will lie to you. Even brothers and sisters in Christ will fail you, as none of us are perfect. LOOK TO GOD’s WORDS. LISTEN TO HIM. LET HIM DO HIS THING.

My final personal conclusion: Prayer has brought my dad above and far beyond where I thought he would be. He is WALKING. 😉 Brady has seen a dentist and now has at least a doable temporary solution. I’ve watched good friends step up at church and do things they’ve never done before. A good, courageous father lead a devotional and offer help to others with his youngest son at the front of the church. And, LET ME TELL YOU… It is ENCOURAGING! UPLIFTING! PROMISING! And a reminder of the proof that God has NOT left the building. HE IS VERY MUCH ALIVE AND WELL.

STAY CLOSE TO HIM. CLOSER THAN EVER during these dark hours where the evil just grows and simmers. Live right. Take the high road and most importantly, model and teach Jesus in your life. In your home, in your church, and in your work. Your daily life activities. EVERYWHERE.


Thanks if you are still reading this, just a lot on my heart this morning and needed to let it out. I love you all, and I pray that you LET GOD work all the time in your life. ❤️


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