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Reclaiming Hope Podcast

A few months ago we decided to begin a new podcast. What would we talk about? Our story, of course! Currently we have nine episodes.

The first episode of Reclaiming Hope begins the journey. You join us on what seems to be a never ending road trip. We talk about our humble beginnings and share our story.

In the second episode of Reclaiming Hope we continue to share our story of how we met, how friendship began, and where hope was found in the back pew.

In the third episode of Reclaiming Hope we continue to share our story of how we met and how our paths should have crossed dozens of times before in the past. Everything happens when it’s the right season (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

In our fourth installment we continue with our story of first meeting and then becoming friends. A small circle of Christians becomes a lifeline of hope for broken people.

In this fifth podcast we share insight on how to overcome the “rock bottom” experience. There is nowhere to go but up! This has been a fan favorite, because of Misty’s raw honesty.

Our sixth episode is all about forgiveness. How can you overcome bitterness and regret? What can you do to forgive yourself and others? you’ve got to let go of resentment.

The final three episodes were recently added. Join us in the Land Rover again as we travel from Florence to Summerdale. In these three episodes we discuss how to remove baggage from previous relationships, ideas to restore fun and romance into your marriage, and things you can do to build spiritual intimacy with your spouse. Like, listen, follow and share.

You are loved. There is always hope. RAY & MISTY

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