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Don’t Settle

A Message to the Men:

Find yourself a good godly woman. One that prays without ceasing, reads her Bible with interest and goes to church regularly. One that adores you! Commit to spend the rest of your earthly life honoring God with her by your side. Love her. Serve her.

Walk with her through highs and lows. Don’t quit! Treat her like Christ treats the church. If God is at the center of your relationship, both of you will be blessed beyond measure.

Forget the short skirts, tight jeans, makeup & tan lines. Look for girls with worn Bibles, Jesus fish and Christian t-shirts. Stop looking for the right girl to slide into your DMs and find a girl that slides into a pew at church.

Please heed this advice… Don’t settle. The right godly woman is out there. And she’s praying for you!

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