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Welcome from Ray & Misty Reynolds! The Reclaiming Hope Ministry is a part of Peachtree Press, LLC.  We started our ministry immediately after our marriage in 2020.  Soon after we married we were encouraged to share our story, so we began a new podcast in 2021 entitled "Reclaiming Hope." In this series of podcasts we discuss how to reclaim hope and find healing. These podcasts and blogs include personal stories of hope and encouragement.  With "Ray Reynolds Rap" blogs already online, the "Moments With Misty" blogs were quickly born. Please be sure to follow us on the "Reclaiming Hope" Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages.  May God bless you and keep you as you seek to maintain an authentic life in Christ Jesus.  Remember that you are loved. There is always HOPE!


Ray Reynolds, Ph.D. & Misty Till Reynolds, J.D.

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